Skald the Hall

hosted by the Barony of Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), in the Kingdom of Avacal

Christ Church Anglican
[515 28th Street W (S7L4R5)]
Site Opens: 8:30am, Site closes: 11:30pm
Myrgan Wood's second annual Bardic Championship, and inaugural Youth Armoured Combat championship. A day of fun for the whole family, with classes, an A&S fun tourney, lots of singing and dancing, and a dessert feast!

Event Registration:
Adult Event Registration- $20
Adult Member Discount Event Registration- $15
Children Registration(0-15) - free

Feast Registration:
Adult - $10
Youth (6-12) - $5
Children (0-5) - free
Please make cheques payable to "SCA-Barony of Myrgan Wood"

Pre-registerater here

March 4th will have a regional fight practice at the Saskatoon Fencing Club, 414 1st Ave N, Saskatoon from 11am-2:30pm


Event Stewards: Amya Lyghtfot (Teri Block), 306-717-5483 (call after 5 pm)
Feast Steward: Eira Halladottir (Terri Bauer), 306-261-5089 (no calls after 9pm)


Dancing and bardic after court
8:30 hall opens
9 A&S prize tourney set up
9:30 processionals for bardic and youth
10 YAC tourney
11 Amee's pysanky class
12-1 lunch open
1 Mistress Fabienne and Weldon Grey perform as intro to bardic
1:30 bardic tourney
2:30 kids siege weapons
2:30 Saxa's drop spindle class
3:30 Aldric's book heraldry class
3:30 Li Xia's faience class
5:30 hall rearranged for feast and court
6 soup is served
7 court starts
8 desserts are laid out

There will also be an all-day games tournament, with details TBA.

Bardic Championship

Greetings, BARDS of the Wood! The deadline to declare your intention to compete for Bardic Champion of the Barony is SAT. FEB. 24. This must include a short list of your intended performances, the name of your inspiration, and a copy of your up-to-date SCA membership. Deadline for your submission of your full documentation for your pieces is WED. FEB 28. These all are to be sent to Their Excellencies of Myrgan Wood and to myself as outgoing Champion running the tournament. For further details, and as much encouragement and cheering as you can handle, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail, or good ol' phone call.
Ever in service to the arts, ~ Fabienne.

Further details for the competition can be found here.

A&S Competition

Are you the very model of a modern Major-General?
Do you have information vegetable, animal, and mineral?
Yes, you are! And yes, you do! You also have a platoon at your back, bc this is a TEAM challenge.
Your mission is to present an Arts and Science project that contains or requires the use of Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral. This can be in one or more item. As examples, handspun yarn can be made from wool (Animal) and spun on a wood spindle (Vegetable) with a stone whorl (Mineral). Points will be awarded for creativity! Teams must consist of a minimum of two members, with bonus points for 3 or 4 members (who all make significant contribution to the project).This tournament is open to anyone in Avacal, with points for cross-border teams and teams with variety in demographics. Do you know a fighter who's never entered an Arts and Science Tournament? Points! Is there a youth you think has the best and craziest ideas? Points! Have you only ever worked with fabric and know someone who has never has touched it but does woodworking and you want to teach each other your craft? POINTS! Okay, I think you get the idea. Teams are required to be between 2 and 4 members UNLESS one team member is a youth under 16 years old. In that case, 5 members is acceptable.
Remember, a youth on your team is a point for team diversity.

Prize Tourney Scoring
1. Authenticity (what, when, where, why) /4
2. Team Configuration (points for up to 4 members, cross-border, age categories, skill sets, etc) /4
3. Creativity (1 - Minimal Effort, 8 - Spectacular) /8
4. Technical Ability (how difficult the project was and how well it was executed) /4

Skald the Hall Arts and Science Day of Challenge: Fluffy’s Entourage!

I've heard our beloved Fluffy gets a little lonely between events, so he’s looking for some friends. As Fluffy himself is a hybrid, he’s seeking out other hybrids. And he needs the help of Avacal!
For the Day of Challenge at Skald the Hall, we invite you to create a creature that is a hybrid of Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral. For example, a beetle with leafy wings and crystal eyes or a dragon with an apple head and springs for legs and a tail. You can work in teams for this challenge but it is not required. Supplies will be provided as well as some sewing machines (hidden in another room). A prize will be given for the winning hybrid (scoring TBD).

Class Information

Pysanky Class
Instructor: Amee
An intro to making pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs). Learn basic history of pysanky, common symbolism used and how to make a pysanka, hands on! Students will leave with a complete pysanka, I hope (let’s not break eggs).
Please bring a container to take home your egg safely.
Cost for this class is to be determined.

Drop Spindle Class
Instructor: Saxa
Cost is $2.00 this will cover a drop spindle to use for the class and all materials used during class. Extra wool will be available for purchase ($5 and $10 bundles)
Class will cover basic drop spindle methods, different types of drop spindles and different fiber mediums.

Intro to Book Heraldry
Instructor: Alric
A basic introduction to the rules and process of creating and registering Arms. Consultation period to follow for anyone interested.

Faience Class
Instructor: Li Xia
Come learn about the precursor to modern glass, Faience! This class will cover a brief history of Faience followed by hands-on playing with the material.
This class requires no prior experience. Cost: $20 / kit
Class costs include use of all required tools, equipment and safety gear as well as all consumables. Kits will make a large quantity of beads and pendant shapes. Kits can be shared between two people, but usually people end up wanting to play with a full kit themselves.

Preregistration for classes is recommended

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