Past Events Sponsored by Myrgan Wood

Myrgan Wood Christmas Tavern 2016 is not strictly an "event" in the SCA use of the word. However, the attendance was as large as some events, which are usually an entire day or more. On Tuesday evening, December 13, 2016 about 80 people, including 26 children gathered for this Christmas festivity and feast.

Winter Coronation , a Kingdom event, was sponsored by the Barony of Myrgan Wood, even though it was not held within its territory. It took place in Seven Persons, Alberta on Saturday November 19, 2016.

Anniversary was held at the Clavet Community Hall, near Saskatoon, on Saturday October 8, 2016. Please see the Anniversary webpage for additional information.

Although not sponsored by the Barony of Myrgan Wood, one of the largest events held in Avacal and attended by many of the Myrgan Wood populace is Quad War. The Shire of Bordergate hosts this long weekend camping event during the summer months. Quad War 2016 was the 21st anniversary of the event. For more information regarding Quad War, please see the official event page [link] Quad War or the Facebook [link] Quad War page. Please see the official Avacal webpage for additional information or the Quad War Facebook page. Note that this event will be on the July long weekend 2017.

Past Activities Sponsored by Myrgan Wood

The Barony of Myrgan Wood had a large display again in 2016. There were children's activities, a merchant test, and of course armoured combat and rapier demonstrations.

The Baron and some long time mebers, as well as some new members watching another demonstration of prowess. The SCA members from left to right: Viscountess Svava, Viscount Krigr, Tarquyn, Master Michaeil of Brecon, and Baron Fjal.

Tarquyn organized a merchant booth that attracted much interest.

There was also a "Make & Take" area. Baroness Isabelle taught calligraphy and HL Cadwyn Wright taught chain making. Alric, not shown, taught leather stamping.

The Myrgan Wood Chamberlain, Catharina Steenhuise, was ready to explain many of the beautiful items in the display.

Visitors participated in Medieval Games in the setting of a Medieval encampment, encouraged by Viscountess T'aib. Baron Gareth Bydewier and is watching the fighting, but also an avid medieval games enthusiast.

There was a long lineup of people who wanted to try on the sample helm and armour. Viscount Krigr and Master Raoul Delaroche were helping arm these "would be" fighters.

Myrgan Wood has a booth display at this event, a panel about armory, and fighting demonstrations outside.

The finished booth setup with Amya, Alric, and Solomon

Armored Combat Demonstration.

Rapier Fighting Demonstration.

Myrgan Wood armoured fighters and fencers held a fight practice. Other members worked on projects and answered questions from the public.

Last updated 15 December 2016